Lower Sixth Progress Reports - Reminder

Progress Reports for the Lower Sixth will be published today, Friday 26 March 2021, and will be available to view on My School Portal.

Dr Michael Reddish
Deputy Head - Academic 

Homework Expectations For The Easter Holiday 2021

Please click for here the Easter holiday homework expectations.

Thank you 

Dr Liz Pyne
Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning

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Year 11 And Upper Sixth Final Internal Assessments (FIA)

Individual timetables for the Final Internal Assessments have been sent to pupils and their families via email. Please do keep an eye out for this and contact me should you have any queries.

Dr Michael Reddish
Deputy Head - Academic 

Upper Sixth Bridging Programme – A Unique Experience

The Upper Sixth Bridging Programme has been put together specially this year to support our Upper Sixth with their onward studies and future plans. The programme will run from Monday 14 June to Friday 25 June, following their Final Internal Assessments (FIA).  We understand that both students and families may have other plans and so whilst we encourage students to attend, the programme will be optional.

The programme will be on-line on the Monday and Tuesday and then in school on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It will include presentations and drop-in support for university guidance, careers advice and work experience options. We will run classes on topics including personal finance, student loans, pensions, cooking, ironing and basic sewing. On the Friday we plan to host a BBQ and will have our usual last day fun activities as part of the experience.

It is essential that our Sixth Form students feel prepared for the next stage of their lives and our bridging programme aims to support this; it is a unique experience aimed at the needs of this particular year group.

We are available to help students both pastorally and academically throughout the rest of their time with us, and of course we will be available on A-level Results Day (Tuesday 10 August) too, in order to support them in the best way we can.

As you will be aware, at the end of the term, we will celebrate the end of the year with the Headmaster’s Thanksgiving Service and Buffet Supper on Monday 28 June. This will be followed by the Leavers’ Ball on Tuesday 29 June at Warwick House.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss anything at all.

Ben Collie
Head of Sixth Form

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Year 11 Bridging Courses

To further support our Year 11 pupils with their transition to post-16 studies, we are delighted to be able to offer a Bridging Course programme which will run from Monday 7 June until Tuesday 29 June. This will involve pupils being in school every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the above period (normal school hours).

A major component of this programme is that the pupils will attend lessons in their chosen A-level and BTEC courses. Our experience from last year showed that these sessions supported the transition to A-level studies very successfully and that the pupils felt more prepared for their start in the Sixth Form. In addition, the programme will also include career guidance - including individual interviews, EPQ lessons, games afternoons and other fun activities with their Houses.

On the Thursday and Friday of each week, pupils will be expected to engage in independent learning tasks set by their teachers and will be able to access study skills materials and activities on-line. These two days can also be usefully used to further any opportunities with regards work experience using any contacts you may have.

Those pupils who are not continuing into our Sixth Form may wish to access bridging courses at their new schools or colleges. Alternatively, they can attend our bridging courses when lessons are appropriate and we can provide supervised independent study during the day. They are of course welcome to join in with all the other activities offered during the time of the bridging courses and we will try to accommodate any additional needs.

Pupils will be given a full timetable for the bridging courses nearer the time. We hope the above information will help with your planning of the Trinity Term.

As you will be aware, following the bridging courses we will celebrate the end of the year with the Headmaster’s Thanksgiving Service and Buffet Lunch on Thursday 1 July. This will be followed by the Year 11 Prom on Monday 5 July at Coombe Abbey.

Year 7 And 8 Bookbuzz Challenge - Reminder

Now that all pupils in Years 7 and 8 should have finished reading their free Bookbuzz book, they have the opportunity to take part in the Bookbuzz Challenge for 2020-21.  They can aim to complete three, five or all ten of the activities set by BookTrust (Bookbuzz Challenge sheets are available from your child's English teacher and online here).  We are running this as an in-house school competition and will be judging first, second and third places in each year group, as well awarding merits and even da Vinci Merits for outstanding work.

The activities give plenty of scope to demonstrate commitment and creativity, so please do encourage your child to get involved.  The deadline for the Challenge is Friday 23 April.  We are looking forward to seeing what the Year 7 and 8 pupils produce.  

Note: Please ensure activities are completed in a Covid-secure manner - for example, in order to 'read your best friend's favourite book', it will need to be put into quarantine first.