Learning In Action

Year 7 - The Water Cycle

Year 7 pupil, Alexa Holland produced a lovely diagram on the Water Cycle. It impressed her teacher, Miss Reed, so much that she wanted to share it in the Flagpole. It's a clear explanation with well drawn diagrams and excellent annotations. Great Geography work Alexa!

Year 13 BTEC Virtual Coaching

PE Teacher, Hannah Carminati, was really pleased with the work submitted by Year 13 student Ross Low.

Ross produced some excellent 'Virtual Coaching Sessions' for Unit 4 of his Level 3 BTEC course. The unit focuses on teaching learners to plan and design fitness training programmes. Within his excellent responses, Ross has explored the different styles of leadership. His work was presented in a Powerpont and Video that you can see in the gallery and here:

Ross Low


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Year 8 DT Lockdown Bedroom Design Challenge

In Design and Technology, Year 8 are undertaking an extended design and make project focused on the interior design of a teenage bedroom. A perfect challenge for the latest lockdown! 

DT Teacher, Tom Walton is delighted with Sam James' concept commenting, "Sam has applied himself with great focus, creativity and skill to create this fantastic, imaginative and vibrant design. It's brilliant work!"



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Year 9 Exploring Peter Pan

In Year 9 Drama pupils have been studying a live performance of Peter Pan and exploring the character of Captain Hook.  Drama teacher, Celia Scott was delighted with Jack Dando's outstanding response to the character, who unusually is played by a woman, the actress Anna Francolini, in the performance.

You can read his analysis of what makes the character so menacing and the dramatic impact of the role being played by a woman here:

Jack Dando

Mrs Scott was also impressed with Lampros Papadogiannakis work exploring the puppets used in the performance. That you find here:

Lampros Papadogiannakis

Impressive Year 9 Still Life And Crushed Can Artwork

Year 9 started off their home learning Art lessons practising tonal drawing to produce an accurate drawing of a coke can, carefully observing shape and tone. They have now started a project looking at Still Life and have been exploring a variety of art styles and artists, producing an artist study of their choice.

Art Teacher, Helen Plenderleith has been super impressed with their responses. Featured in the gallery are some great examples of their excellent work including pieces by Amaanya Bose, Georgia Dowling, Millicent George and Grace Legge. 

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Excellent Essay On GCSE Text To Kill A Mockingbird

Mrs Challinor was impressed by Year 11, Prateesh Prabakaran's English Literature essay.  It was part of his mock English Literature assessment and she said, "It is the best GCSE level essay on the novel To Kill a Mockingbird that I have ever read'.  Prateesh was awarded a da Vinci merit for his full mark answer, and Mrs Challinor added, "I hope that Prateesh's English career goes on to continue flying at A-level!"

You can read his super essay on this classic novel here: 

Prateesh Prabakaran

Super Swiss Rolls From Virtual Cook-a-long Club

Food and Nutrition Teacher, Jacqui Scott runs an after-school cookery club and wanted to share the simply amazing Swiss Rolls that were made by pupils on Wednesday 27 January. 16 pupils from Years 7, 8 and 9 joined Ms Scott virtually from their kitchens at home. They cooked alongside her and then while their masterpieces were in the oven enjoyed a demonstration on piping and decorating techniques with chocolate. As you can see in the gallery their creations were just fantastic and we are sure they tasted just as good as they looked. 

The pictured Swiss Rolls were made by Year 9 pupils: James Reynolds, Finn Knight-Gray and David Ikuomola, Year 8: Lucy Basford and Year 7: Martha Summers 

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Year 8 English Exploring Shackleton's Expedition

In response to their Year 8 English lesson to develop transactional writing skills, Chloe Potts and Jessica Lane did some particularly impressive work.

Mrs Pascoe-Williams challenged the class to consider Adventurers, looking at people who have explored extreme environments, and specifically Ernest Shackleton’s trip to the Antarctic. They studied pictures of the trip and thought about what makes a good leader and then watched a short video about Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctica Expedition. At the end of the lesson pupils were asked to write an evaluation, a persuasive email or a diary entry.

You can read the girls’ excellent responses here:

Chloe Potts

Jessica Lane