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Online Work Experience And Career Days For Students

CareerDays.co.uk is for any student aged 14 to 17 who wants to experience different careers or gain work experience in their chosen field. From medicine, law, performing arts, psychology, business or becoming a vet, they have a 1-day online event for you, designed to give an insight into life in your chosen field.

You'll spend half of the day with experts, gaining first hand knowledge of what life is really like in that career through a live online session with hundreds of other students from around the world. You will meet university admissions tutors who will give you an insight into life as a student, guide you through the application process and teach you how to secure a place to study at university.

After a break for lunch, the second part of the day is practical, so you'll get some work experience which will stand you in good stead should you choose to pursue it in the future. They will then provide a personalised certificate for you to include in your applications.

The cost is £59 for a one day course. If you are interested you can find out more information here.

Guidance On Gaining Relevant Experience To Study Medicine In The Time Of Covid-19

It is a difficult time to try and gain relevant experience in healthcare. The NHS is focusing on dealing with the pandemic, outreach programmes have been put on hold, and most paid employment opportunities have been stopped too.

In these circumstances, first time applicants to medicine will all be in the same situation. All medical schools are aware that the opportunities open to young people have been affected and will take this into account.

As a consequence, medical schools are now adapting their expectations to the situation applicants find themselves in.

Find out more here.