Have you been away over Christmas? Maybe you have some left over foreign currency? Maybe there are a few old coins or notes lurking in the back of a drawer, a pocket or a handbag? Why not round them up and put them to good use? All donations would be gratefully received and all money raised will be split between UK projects of the SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society), including support for the homeless, elderly, handicapped and those coming out of prison and an overseas SVP project helping to fund secondary school education children - especially girls - in India. Click here to discover what the SVP organisation is about and how your donation can help.

The money can be current or out of date, British or foreign; anything is welcome. We already have 8kg, but we need more.

Click here and watch the video to see how cash4coins works. This is what you can donate:

All foreign coins and banknotes
Current UK coins and banknotes
Any old British and Irish money
Even obsolete currency
Please send in money in a strong envelope labelled ‘Rod Isaacs - Cash4Coins’.

We raised a spectacular £231.85 last year.

Many thanks

Rod Isaacs
Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Support The Walk Mary's Meals Challenge Walks - Reminder

Sunday 8 March and Sunday 5 April 2020

This year we are going the extra mile for Mary’s Meals with two sponsored events. The 24 mile walk will take place on Sunday 8 March 2020 and the 40 mile walk takes place on Sunday 5 April. The 40 mile walk is with the official Coventry Way Association event featuring 250 competitors. Both challenges are in support of Makalanga School, in Malawi so that each of the 500 children can receive a daily meal in school.

These walks are a major challenge for all taking part but they could not be for a more worthy cause. Mary’s Meals was founded back in 2002 with a small project to feed 200 children in a school in Malawi and now feeds 1,101,206 children each day in 12 countries, across four continents.  

Why not support our intrepid walkers by sponsoring one or more children at a cost of only £13.90 for an entire year of school meals for one child.  You can make a donation via the on-line page, simply click here to make your pledge.  We are also looking for willing volunteers to help at the various checkpoints along the walk on Sunday 10 March, and will be in touch again soon to request your help.

We’ve already raised over £2,500 this academic year but we are looking to raise £8,841 in total so as to feed every child in Makalanga school.

Between now and 1 March 2020 Mary's Meals are running a 'Double The Love' campaign and will match donations up to a total of £1.9million. Simply click here to 'Double the Love'.

This simple initiative has helped children all over the world receive a daily meal in school and since 2007 Princethorpe College has been a part of that, raising in excess of £90,000.

Thank you for your support.

Rod Isaacs
Assistant Head of Sixth Form


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