Settling Into Princethorpe – Getting Ready For Learning

Welcome to all our new Years 7s! We hope that the children and their families are looking forward to the new term and all the years ahead at Princethorpe. To support the transition to secondary school, here are some tips to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

At Princethorpe, your child will be expected to take greater responsibility for their own organisation. You can help to encourage this at home with the following tips:

  • Encourage your child to get organised for school the evening before. This can save them (and you!) a lot of undue stress in the morning.  Remind them to check their timetable for the following day, pack their bag and lay out their uniform if necessary.
  • Try and resist the temptation to do everything. Your child needs to learn to manage their time efficiently and they won’t do it if you get everything ready for them.
  • Your child will have several homework tasks to complete each night, and it will be recorded the homework diary.  Make a note to yourself to read and sign the diary at least once a week to make sure your child is keeping up with their assignments.
  • Allocate a place where your child can complete their homework quietly and purposefully.
  • Have a calendar on display at home clearly marked with different equipment needed for different days (sports kit, music, projects etc.).  Encourage the habit of looking at the schedule the night before and organising schoolbags there and then.

Once your child has started school, make time to talk and listen to your child each day to check how things are going. Just giving attention in this way can help your child feel supported and more confident. Perhaps ask about what they are learning, but also ‘how’ they are learning in different subjects. It is important that your child understands the many different ways to learn to support their progress and eventual revision.

Your child’s tutor will be keen to help with the transition and to ensure your child is settled and happy. Please contact your child’s tutor if you are concerned that they are finding the first few days or weeks stressful.

Dr Liz Pyne
Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning


Summer Examinations 2019

Enquiries About Results: Following the distribution of exam results the period for requesting a review of marking continues. The options still available are:

·         For Edexcel subjects, you can request a copy of the script to help you decide whether to review the marking. Please complete the attached ATS form.

·         For all subjects you can request a review of any written papers until 5pm on Wednesday 18 September. Please complete the attached EAR form.

·         For all subjects you can request a copy of your script for any written papers until 5pm on Wednesday 25 September. Please complete the attached EAR form.

NB: These scripts will be sent out by the exam boards after Wednesday 18 September.

If anyone needs a breakdown of individual paper marks, or to check if they are close to a grade boundary, please ask me or the head of the relevant department.

Exams and Assessments Calendar Michaelmas 1st Half Term 2019

The calendar for Michaelmas half term is attached here.

Exams Timetables:

January 2019

Summer 2020 (provisional)

If you require further information, please contact me.

Shellagh Dodds
Examination and Assessment Manager