Class of 2018-2019 Year 11 Locker Key Return

Please note that all locker keys from our year 11 pupils must be returned via their tutor prior to leaving for exam leave on 8 May 2019.  If a pupil would like to keep their locker for sixth form then this should be confirmed with their tutor also.

If locker keys are not returned or are left damaged or unclean then charges will be applied to the pupil account

Any queries, please contact Nicola Browne Student Support Officer at

Nicola Browne
Student Support Officer

Employment Opportunities

Please see below a list of current vacancies available across the Foundation:

  • Development Director
  • Head of Religious Studies
  • Teacher of Business Studies
  • Teacher of Religious Studies
  • Teacher of Design and Technology (Resistant Materials)
  • Spanish Assistant
  • Facilities Manager
  • Carpark Supervisor
  • Handyman

Full details of the roles and how to apply are available via the following link: Join Us

Should you know anyone who might be interested in these posts, please do share this information with them.

Lost Property - Reminder

Thank you to those pupils who have been and collected their lost property items from the Student Hub.

We still have a large amount of unnamed uniform and non uniform items including some winter coats which we cannot get them back to their rightful owners. 

If you notice something hasn’t managed to make its way home, please do email us with details so that we can keep a look out to

Nicola Browne
Foundation Shop Manager

General Notice Period Requirements

Parents are reminded of the notice requirements according to our terms and conditions.

A term’s notice is required if a pupil will not be returning to the school. Notice has to be received by the first day of term.  Notice must be in writing, addressed to the Headmaster. All letters are acknowledged within seven days; if you do not receive an acknowledgement then please contact the Registrars immediately at

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar

Notice Requirement For Buses - Reminder

Please note that half a term's notice is required if a pupil no longer needs to use the bus service provided by the school.  This is particularly relevant for pupils in Year 11 and Upper Sixth who have exams in the Trinity term and for members of Upper Sixth who pass their driving test.  For example, we need to be advised in writing before the start of the Trinity term if the bus service is not required after half term in May.  Parents wishing to give notice should write to Barbara Bromwich in the Bursary or email

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar


Year 11 Pupils Notice Period

To assist us with our planning of teaching sets and timetabling, please could you let us know in writing to Mr Hester by Wednesday 1 May 2019, if you do not wish to take up a place in the Sixth Form. 

This would meet the term’s notice of withdrawal as set out in our terms and conditions.

All offers for the Sixth Form as you know, are provisional on GCSE results.  If the required criteria are not met the notice period will be waivered.

If a decision is made not to take up the offered Sixth Form place even though the required GCSE results have been obtained and a term’s notice has not been given, you will be liable for the terms fees.

Eddie Tolcher 
Foundation Bursar


Return Of Deposits - Reminder

Parents may recall paying a deposit when their son or daughter first started at the College. We will write to the parents of pupils in the Upper Sixth regarding instructions for the return of deposits next term and return them in the summer holiday. We will write to parents of Year 11 pupils who do not return to the Sixth Form in early September. Deposits will be returned at the end of September/start of October.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar

Bus Passes And Tickets - Reminder

Please can we remind pupils and students that if you are in possession of a bus pass for your travel to or from school then this must be carried at all times and shown when alighting the bus at Princethorpe in the mornings and before boarding the bus in the evening.

For occasional bus use, tickets must be purchased in advance of travel from the School Shop.  Tickets can be paid for in cash, by card or cheque or, if purchasing ten or more tickets at time, they can be added to their account.

Failure to carry passes or have bus tickets in advance of travel can cause delays in getting pupils into school in a morning and could delay buses being able to leave at night.

We have an ‘Emergency bus list’ for pupils that have unexpectedly had to travel by bus.  Please note that using the emergency bus list on more than four occasions in any term incurs a £1 administration charge per journey.

Nicola Browne
Foundation Shop Manager

Sports Bag Check

Please can we ask you to check your child’s sports kit over the Easter break to see if you have inadvertently ended up with any other pupil’s kit. 

If you have any items of kit that do not belong to your child please can you pop them in a carrier bag that can be dropped off at the Student Hub on the first day of term so that we can get them back to their rightful owners.

Nicola Browne
Student Support Officer


School Shop Opening Hours - Reminder

Please note that the School Shop will be closed from 4.30pm on Wednesday 10 April 2019 until 10.30am on Monday 29 April 2019.  

Nicola Browne
Foundation Shop Manager

Fraud Prevention - Reminder

Parents are asked to continue to be vigilant in respect of any communications purporting to be from the Foundation requesting money that do not match our normal procedures.

Please note:

  • invoices are only available through the on-line parent fee portal;
  • our bank account details will NOT change during the academic year 2018-19;
  • if you receive an email purporting to amend our bank details, do not make any payment and please contact us by telephone immediately to clarify;
  • we do not email details of unsolicited discounts for payment of funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Bursary if you have concerns about any communication you receive and in particular if you receive any request for payment of funds outside our normal routines.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar

Term Dates And Key Dates 2018-19 And 2019-20 - Reminder

Please click on the links below to access the Term Dates and Key Dates documents:

2018-19 (Two-page document)

2019-20 (Two-page document)


Please note the College is closed for the May Bank Holiday on Monday 6 May 2019.