IT Security Incident Reporting Policy - Reminder

As a Foundation we take IT Security very seriously, for the benefit of all stakeholders including pupils, parents and staff. As we move into the new school year we wanted to remind you of our IT Security Incident Reporting Policy and highlight once more some key elements of this, in the unlikely case that you encounter anything that could constitute a possible security incident in your use of Foundation systems such as My School Portal, or receive any suspicious emails that pertain to be from the Foundation.

IT Security incidents are any incidents which may risk compromise of personal data, attempts to imitate Foundation IT Systems or unauthorised access to Foundation IT Systems. This could include incorrect communication of information, for example via email, information being available publicly, unauthorised access to Foundation IT Systems such as My School Portal through password cracking or sharing, or the theft/loss of portable media such as unencrypted USB drives or laptops.

Should you or your children become aware of any of the above incidents, or similar, please contact either or a member of staff at the school attended by your child/children. The Incident Management Procedure will then be initiated.

Pupils will also be informed of the need to tell a member of staff, such as their tutor or teacher if they suspect any IT security incident such as those above, and staff are also made aware of this.

Of course, we hope this will never be necessary, but felt it important to inform you of the correct procedure if you do encounter any IT Security Incidents relating to Foundation systems.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar 

School Shop - Closed During Half Term - Reminder

Please note that the school shop will be closed during the half term break.  If you have any uniform requests please email  All requests will be dealt with when the shop reopens on Monday 2 November 2021.

Barbara Bromwich
Foundation Shop Manager

Cleaner Air At Princethorpe

Thank you to all the parents who turn off their engines when they are waiting for pupils to come out of school. As a community we are striving to reduce the impact that we have on our world and turning of engines reduces our carbon impact and the emission of smelly exhaust fumes.

Eddie Tolcher 
Foundation Bursar