Chaplaincy Shoe Box Appeal 2021

The Chaplaincy is again supporting the St Anne's Parish Shoe Box Appeal, to provide gifts for children who would not otherwise receive a Christmas present. This year the boxes are being distributed by Teams4U who operate around the world supporting community initiatives aiming to improve the lives of children through education, healthcare, training, financial assistance, and delivering shoeboxes.

Each shoebox will be given to a vulnerable child, or family, through schools, nurseries, hospitals and orphanages.

The aim of T4U is that each box is given in relationship with the local community as part of a long-term commitment to these children. This includes financing pre-school programmes to support their education and development.

We are encouraging everyone to bring one item.

What these children need most are educational and hygiene supplies, e.g.

•           Toothbrush and toothpaste

•           Hairbrush/comb

•           Facecloth and soap

•           Stationery/pens/pencils/paper

Please also include a few small gifts, e.g.

•           A soft toy, ball, game, puzzle, stickers, balloons

•           Gloves/hats/scarves

Homecare Family Shoe Boxes

•           Cooking utensils (no knives), candles, hairbrush plastic utensils (plates, bowls, cutlery)

•           Soap, small Christmas decorations, small decorative items, small saucepans

•           T-towels (preferably quite decorative), plastic containers, washing line pegs

•           Washing up cloths

All items may be left in G12a or at the Student Hub by 5 October 2021.

Mary Benham
Chaplaincy Co-ordinator



Maybe there are a few old coins or notes lurking in the back of a drawer, a pocket or a handbag? Why not round them up and put them to good use? All donations would be gratefully received and all money raised will be split between UK projects of the SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society), including support for the homeless, elderly, handicapped and those coming out of prison and an overseas SVP project helping to fund secondary school education children - especially girls - in India. Click here to discover what the SVP organisation is about and how your donation can help.

The money can be current or out of date, British or foreign; anything is welcome! We already have 8kg, but we need more!!

Click here and watch the video to see how cash4coins works. This is what you can donate:

All foreign coins and banknotes
Current UK coins and banknotes
Any old British and Irish money
Even obsolete currency!
Please send in money in a strong envelope labelled ‘Rod Isaacs - Cash4Coins’.

We raised a spectacular amount last year.....

Many thanks

Rod Isaacs
Assistant Head of Sixth Form